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Mark Nobilette

Throughout the years, Mark's own style has evolved into his own classic style of bike building.  He attributes much of this evolution first and foremost to starting his bike building career before there were really any resources for such a path.  Additionally, he likes to give nods to the builders he sees as his contemporaries, the European builders of the past and to the idea of staying true to what works best, looks great and fits the needs of the rider.  

Today, Mark and his shop reside in Longmont, Colorado.  His work is the epitome of "handmade" with Mark often using his tools to make each individual part by hand. His vast knowledge and skill has invited companies and people like Rivendell, Renè Herse, Lennard Zinn and even GT to call on him when they need spectacular bicycles created.  He has received accolades by the bike community; being recognized as building the best Fillet Brazed Bike in 2009 at NAHBS and more importantly being recognized for his building excellence by his clients. 

If you are interested in starting a project with Mark you can contact him directly through his contact info on this site or check out his "Order" page to get the wheels spinning.