When its time to get out in the middle of nowhere, this is the rig you'd want to roll with.  Again another fillet brazed "Model B" that just shows what you can do with this base design.  This would be considered a 700c Expedition style bike.  It has enough clearance for a pair Bruce's Rock & Rolls with room to spare.  The fork is a tricked out segmented style with plenty of eyelets for racks, which of course are all custom build by Mark himself.  The bike is disc ready and the racks are designed to accommodate such brakes.  And for extra clamp strength and super cool style the frame has Mark's own double wedge seat post binder located at the interior top tube seat tube junction.  It will be pretty cool to see this ride with paint, but until then, its a great opportunity to see the fillets and welds and Mark Nobilette.

After a decent while, this fillet brazed "Model B" 700c Randonneur/Touring bike came back from Spectrum Powderworks with a dang nice palate.  It is a great example of how versatile the "Model B" can be in custom design. This frameset and racks is ready to see some real adventures out there.  The contact for the dyno hub is internally routed up through the fork leg then can be threaded through the rack to the light mount on the front.  The fork is also a totally custom double plate crown design that adds a big touch of class.  And Mark selected specific Reynolds 853 tubes to accommodate the ride qualities the client wanted.  While its great to see the white perfectly clean, so how it will look even better with a bit of dirt history on it.  Enjoy the Ride!

Here is a finished example of a custom steel Fillet Brazed Model "B" I just finished building up.  This a classy little green road machine.  Clean stylish lines and a basic but rock solid Ultegra 11 build.  This bicycle set represents a great value investment for anyone looking for a custom steel road bike.

Here are some fresh photographs of a custom steel 650 Randonneur bike I built and took to NABHS.  Lots of influences going on here, a great looking and riding bike.